Welcome to Omega Telecom, a licensed, GDPR Certified telecom provider that features a "complete solution" for Call Centers. We offer only premium lines that bring results for your business.

Omega Telecom provides the most advanced and innovative call center software that is a revolution in the telephone world.  The software is built with modern technology that manages all operations of the call center business.

The software is designed to give you an accurate and interactive snapshot in real-time of all your call agents, including excellent tools for intervention and management, on one hand, training, and testing on the other, along with alerts for situations that require your attention.  Of course, the system saves all data and allows you to generate reports at any given time in a large variety of formats, to listen to recorded conversations, and make accurate assessments and comparisons of various centers and employees. 

Unlike many carriers, with Omega Telecom, you can contact our senior support specialists directly for a quick resolution to your issues.  No Caller ID? Having difficulty hearing customers in Oman?  Our support team is available to help you!  We have been at the leading edge of technology since 2006 and have experience and resources you can rely on to get the job done properly.  As a profitable and debt-free organization that is majorly owned by management, we constantly invest in enhancing both our technology platform and human resources.  Currently, our group maintains an international network with telecom switches in Europe, USA, and Israel. We can provide you with phone numbers in over 70 countries!

Call Center

he Call Center Web Edition offers a set of features needed for an organization to effectively manage inbound or outbound call campaigns. Call Center features include comprehensive reporting, real time queue statistics, real time queue monitoring, soft phone, optional predictive inbound and outbound dialing and more.

Web app (desktop and mobile support).

Build your own call center views by choosing queues for each view mention beyond.

Queues view include: name, active calls, waiting calls, incoming calls, outgoing calls, lost calls, overflow calls, avg talk time, avg waiting time and total calls.

Agents view include: name, extension, status, time of current status, caller id, from queue, incoming calls, outgoing calls, total calls, last call time, dial tries, avg talk time, avg outgoing time, total break.


1. Call to agent. 2. Listen to agent. 3. Whisper to agent. 4. Talk to both parties.

· Waiting view include: Queue, caller id, waiting time.

Features: set alerts when waiting time exceed x seconds (10, 20 sec by default).

· Queues and agents views have increase and decrease font size, add and remove table columns and close view.

· Set Agent`s breaks

· Set users.

· Set Agent toolbar.

· Reports: 1. Agents statistics. 2. Agents performance: total login, total work, total break, total time, avg time to answer. 3. Agents attendance: Agent login, logout and break details. 4. Queues statistics. 5. Abandon calls. 6. Cdrs. 7. Traffic.

Agent Toolbar:

· Web App and Chrome Extension.

· Incoming calls browser notification

· Agent status

· Login

· Logout

· Take a break from list

· Return from break


Omega telecom provides you full control over the services you want to offer to your customers.

You can offer pre-paid and post-paid calls to your customers under your terms and brand, with extensive control overpricing.

Connection to unlimited PSTN carriers with different carriers to different destinations.

The system owner and resellers can create products for customers to purchase. Products can be physical (such as SIP phones), services, or blocks of minutes.

The processes involved are either done automatically by the system or require little effort from you. For instance, new customers can sign up using an online self-service wizard. You can offer rate plans based on features, package limits, and more.

You and your resellers have access to a web interface that is feature-rich and fully customizable, from prices and rate plans to invoicing and design.

Resellers can work with us in 2 options.

1st affiliates to sleep and make money.

It is very simple. Refer a customer and gain monthly commissions as a percentage from the bill for a lifetime. As long as the customer remains with us you will get decided percentage.

2nd option is a reseller to buy & sell our services.

You will decide independently the prices for calls features and services etc. And you will have full control to collect the payments, issue invoices and work according to your brand.

hosted PBX

The Hosted PBX is a virtual switchboard, which operates on the cloud and is managed via internet communication, using a Hosted PBX will save you the costs of operating and setting up a switchboard services  for businesses and making business accessible a convenient, simple and advanced communication solution with varied capabilities and much smaller costs compared to installing a switchboard in the business.

The PBX switchboard will streamline the customer service experience while enabling smarter and better management of your business or organization, as well as full-mobility communication - for all area networked and corporate networking providers - so you can always provide a fast, accessible and high-quality response.